Single woman woes

Cooking & grocery shopping for one is a difficult task. I love produce. I love variety. I'm not one to just eat broccoli every night for a week. I'd rather munch on broccoli tonight, zucchini tomorrow, asparagus the next day, brussels sprouts the night after that. But if I buy all of those, even in the smallest amount possible, I can't eat all of them before they go bad. I feel pressured to prevent the food from going bad. Since I feel forced to eat the veggies, I lose all desire to eat them. The next week I don't buy any produce. By the time the next week rolls around, I hate my lack of produce. The week after that, the cycle begins all over again.

This week while debating this vicious cycle, I stumbled upon the answer to my dilemma:
Veggie packs!! They're just fresh cut veggies, conveniently sized for the single shopper. After excitedly looking through the number of options available, I ended up with two packets. I got...

a broccoli mix! The mix had broccoli, asparagus & zucchini. Like I mentioned, it was just the perfect amount of all 3 to allow me to have options throughout the week, without worrying about the veggies going bad. In addition, I picked up another mix....

It's a fajita mix!! I thought the peppers & onions would be perfect to throw into a salad for a little something different throughout the week. It only took a minute or two to dice them into the perfect size for exactly that purpose. 

I was excited to enjoy my new veggies mixes tonight. I made quinoa, topped with some of my new veggies. I sauteed asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, pepper and shallots in olive oil & mixed in with the quinoa.

The veggies were delicious--crisp & no different in taste then veggies from a bunch. 

Given everything that's going on from Wisconsin to Bahrain, I'm so thankful that veggies going bad is the worst of my woes. 

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  1. FYI: I should be a spokesperson for Press and Seal, because I'm 99% sure it keeps my fresh produce fresh 2x longer than just throwing veggies back in the bag. The seal really is air tight! I use it to freeze meat too--makes thawing easier!