A funeral & a fall

Saturday I attended a funeral in Annapolis. Even though I didn't know the deceased, his daughter was a good friend of the family and has become somewhat of an adopted grandmother to me.

Despite the somber event, there were still a few lighter moments. After a few wrong turns, I arrived at the church about 10 minutes early. Five minutes later, I looked around and realized that I knew no one. In addition, I was the youngest by about 40 years. I didn't see Kathi, her husband or her son anywhere. I didn't even see a friend of Kathi's that I've met before. I suddenly began to panic:
Did I just crash some random elderly person's funeral?! 
I was convinced that I was funeral crashing. I whipped out my phone to see if I was in the right location. Maybe I had gotten the date wrong. If that was the case, I resolved to quietly exit before the funeral started. I was not going to sit there and crash the actual funeral service. Since I knew no one, there was little chance that someone would bring up my awkward exit later. Thankfully, a minute before the funeral started I discovered that I was in the right place at the right time. Immediately thereafter, Kathi arrived.

The funeral itself was quite nice & the eulogies actually made everyone in the audience giggle. I wish I had gotten to know Kathi's father prior to his death. From his funeral he sounded like a wonderful man (in a genuine way, not in a phony "this is a funeral so we have to be nice" way).

Just because the funeral was over did not mean my mishaps were over. While walking back into the parking garage, I took a little tumble. And by took a little tumble, I mean stepped off a curb without realizing that the aforementioned curb had ended. I went down on all fours. While both knees and palms of my hands were scraped, no blood was drawn. Unfortunately, there were seven cars worth of people that witnessed my incident. There was a Navy game starting in about thirty minutes & the parking deck was near the Naval Academy (let's be honest, what isn't near the Academy in Annapolis?).  To make matters worse, I scratched up the ZipCard I was holding. My first thought?
Forget dignity & my knees, I just scratched my ZipCard. The world has ended.  Never fear the ZipCard is still usable, even if it is scratched up.

Thankfully the rest of the trip, and the weekend, went a bit more routinely. Well, until I bought a pack of Diet Coke today and discovered that one of the cans, though sealed, was empty. But that's a story worthy of its own post.

Goodness knows I couldn't handle it if my life were ordinary.

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