The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Once when Mother Dearest was in college, she bought some Campbell's soup. Now Mother Dearest was paying her own way through college & consequently didn't have much in the way of money. The Campbell's was quite a big deal for Mother Dearest. To her dismay, the Campbell's soup can contained a chicken bone. A letter was sent to Campbell's & a coupon for a can of soup was received.

Once when I was in law school (and by once I mean this morning), I bought some Diet Coke. Now I'm paying my own way through law school and student loans aren't all that generous. Plus soda is just hard to get home without a car: it's heavy & awkward. The Diet Coke was quite a big deal for me. To my dismay, one of the Diet Coke cans in the pack was sealed but contained no liquid. An email was sent to Coca Cola & no response has been received as of yet.

After sending the email, I felt proud to uphold the longstanding tradition of alerting authorities to a problem which they must remedy. Defects in production lines are not acceptable. They're certainly not worth suing over but they are worth an email or a piece of paper, envelope and stamp. These letters aren't angry or hateful. They're just matter-of-fact statements of events that have transpired. Now that I have done my part to carry on the family tradition, I can only hope that one day I will have a daughter and that daughter will use whatever the common form of communication of that day is to alert authorities to a lapse in quality control.

On a tangentially related note, I Googled Campbell's & Diet Coke to try & find a picture to match this little story. Instead, I found this:
If someone could please explain to me how this relates to either Campbell's or Diet Coke, I'd be much obliged. Please and thank you. 

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  1. Glad I could pass something useful on to you dear! Glad you got my gumption to alert corporations to the errors of their production. Glad you used the grace and tact I used so many years ago. But, sorry can't help you with the dog food?!