Random acts of kindness

In the middle of a busy week (what week isn't busy in law school?!), there were a few beautiful moments that restored my faith in humanity. 

The first came on Tuesday when a classmate sent me a Facebook message alerting me to an internship for this summer. The internship is exactly what I want to do and I was so flattered she took the time to pass the information along to me. Since we haven't spoken in quite some time, I was doubly flattered by the tip.

On Wednesday, it got better. Flustered with homework, cleaning, internship searching and other odds and ends of life, I decided to start some laundry. On the way down to the elevator with my first basket of laundry I spotted a sticky note on a neighbor's door that read:
"Dear unknown pianist: You sound wonderful! Thanks for the beautiful music. Keep playing!"
I ran back to my apartment, grabbed a sticky note and scrawled "I second that!" with an arrow. I stuck the note on the door under the first note then took a picture with my cell phone.

I've never seen the unknown pianist. I have no idea if they're a man or a woman. All I know is that every time I'm in the hall and I hear them play I stop outside their door to listen for a minute. The unknown pianist is classically trained which just makes their playing that much more beautiful. I was so thrilled to know I wasn't the only resident that enjoyed the unknown pianist's music. 

Sometimes people can just be so kind. 

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