The final countdown

It's almost here.

Lent begins tomorrow. That makes today my last day to enjoy Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & Flickr until Easter.

I feel like I'm about to lose my left arm. Why my left arm? Being right handed I need my right arm to write and do pretty much everything. I can survive without my left arm but I rather enjoy it. And it comes in quite handy at many times.

I've already deleted all the relevant apps off my phone. I stopped all emails from Facebook. I just keep logging onto Facebook and staring at it.  I keep asking myself if I've lost my mind.

I don't think I have. I think this will be a good thing for me. After all, the other day I saw a report that purported to show that the more Facebook friends you have, the more stressed out you are. Supposedly having a lot of Facebook friends stresses you out. While I'm not sure if I buy that, it will be interesting to run my own experiment. Maybe the study will prove correct; maybe I'll be less stressed when not using social media.

Hopefully I will be more productive as well. If I'm not checking Facebook every 5 minutes I should be able to get a lot more done, from homework to cleaning to workouts to researching jobs & internships and most importantly to spending time with Christ.

I anticipate that this first week will be rough. Once I break the habit though, things should get easier. I'll keep you posted as Lent progresses!

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