[Insert inappropriate words here]

The dreaded day is finally here.

I miss Facebook.

I miss it so much. For weeks now I've been going strong. I have barely missed it & when I have missed it, the missing has been fleeting. But for the past few days I have debated and debated and debated whether or not I should break my Lenten decision.

I see other students on Facebook in class. I see people checking it on their phones on the bus. And I my goodness I hate them for it. I just want to check Facebook. So badly.

I can't complain too much because this lack of Facebook is completely self-induced. I actively chose to walk away and go without Facebook for 40+ days. So that visciates my ability to whine and complain about how miserable life is without Facebook. So instead, I'll suck it up and finish Lent sans Facebook. Unlike the year where I attempted to give up caffeine & the year where I attempted to give up white carbs, I am going to finish this one.

I am.

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