Weekly Photo Fun #10

Today's weekly photo fun is all about a culinary first for me. There's one thing I've never done in the kitchen: braise a fish. Or really braise anything. Heck until yesterday I didn't even know how to braise. With a piece of flounder in my fridge and 4 cookbooks full of fun recipes, I decided to branch out into something new.  So here it is: roasted asparagus & braised flounder with thyme & garlic!!!

Braising is actually super easy. With fish it only takes only about 6-7 minutes worth of cooking. You essentially just melt the butter with the thyme and garlic. Once it starts bubbling, add the fish. Every minute or so (or if you're slightly obsessive like me every 30 seconds), spoon some butter onto the top of the fish. Because of the whole spooning action, there's no need to flip Mr. fishy. That's a huge advantage for someone like me who has a tendency to break everything she tries to flip. If you want an omelet, ask someone else. If I make it, you'll essentially end up with scrambled eggs & topping. I think I shall be braising more often. Perhaps I will try some other kind of meat next...

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