Lone Star state of mind

Since I just met my homework goal for the day, I can now update you on my trip to the lovely Lone Star state! I didn't think I would accomplish as much as I did today, but I'm quite happy that I have. Onwards to the trip!

I started off the week with a trip to Waco. I drove from Houston to Waco on Monday to visit a friend. She had work to do on Tuesday morning, leaving me to entertainment myself. I was perfectly fine with that; it gave me the chance to tour my old alma mater. I don't think I ever appreciated the campus. It's stunningly beautiful and I was pleased to have the opportunity to photograph the campus.
Pat Neff Hall
The Immortal 10
Beautiful old tree outside the SUB
Burleson Quadrangle
Bear Habitat (sadly no actual bears were present)

As much as I love Krabby Land, I do miss the beauty of my alma mater's campus. It's a true college campus as opposed to a city campus like I'm in now.

Of course I didn't drive all the way to Waco just to gaze at my old campus. I drove to Waco to see one of my dearest friends. I am so thrilled that we had the chance to catch up. We ate Mexican and pizza, drank beer and vodka waters and talked endlessly about everything trivial and serious.

Sadly our visit was short and I had to head back to Houston. Thankfully I was headed to Houston to see two other dear friends. Thursday one of my dearest friends and I headed to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
Constantin Brancusi, A Muse
Pablo Picasso, Two Women in Front of a Window
Georges Braque, the Saint-Martin Canal
Auguste Rodin, Flying Figure #1
Me with the museum sign
We had so much fun exploring the museum. Even better general admission was free so we only had to pay for the special impressionist and post-impressionist exhibit. Aside from the museum, we did some shopping, tried new restaurants and once again talked about everything under the sun.

Friday I had dinner with another one of my close friends at a Mexican restaurant (I do love some good Tex Mex). We tried to get ice cream but were unsuccessful. It was still fun to spend hours talking over chips and salsa and margaritas.

This trip was more about visiting friends than anything else so that's exactly what I did. It was a relaxing trip and it refreshed me mentally and physically. Friends are one of our most important resources in this world. Without them, life is far too difficult. I am so thankful for the chance to have rekindled my friendships over the past week.

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