Luck of the Krabby Irish

I've been under so much pressure lately between getting ready to graduate early and working out my summer plans, I badly needed an afternoon out of the apartment.

To be honest, I've been feeling a bit bored with my wardrobe lately. Most of my clothes for this time of year are the same as last year, IE I haven't bought any more. They're still cute but I wanted something new. So instead I decided to pick up some new fun necklaces! For $25 I got 4 necklaces & a super funky new ring. The necklaces are bold & funky enough to make any cardigan/tank/tee feel like new. Plus the price is totally guilt free.

After a quick salad, I stayed down at the harbor and watched the St. Patrick's Day parade. I know, I know. The actual holiday isn't until Thursday. But since most of the major streets were shut down for the parade and traffic is slow on Sundays normally, it makes far more sense for the parade to be on a Sunday.
Beads for sale at the parade
The pope made an appearance in the parade!
Random sparkly band
It was so much fun to get out of the apartment and watch the parade for a little while!

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