Week 1 of the social media revolution

We're one week into Lent and that means I've gone one week without social media (except of course this little blog).

There are days where I miss Facebook: something will happen during my day and I'll have the desire to share it with others. But that usually passes quite quickly without any real anxiety or negative emotions. I'm still continuing to be quite productive, managing to accomplish much more without the excuse of social media. I've gone to hour long workouts instead of twenty minute workouts. And I'm still managing to get all my work done. 

My productivity has increased: I've applied to shadow in-house counsel, participate in a clinic in the fall and take an internship over the summer (more about that later). I can't wait to tell you about the internship but I don't want to spill the beans until I have all the details settled. It's killing me not to shout it to the world! I'm currently working on a paper that I have to complete for my seminar course and it's coming along smoothly. 

There are other things I miss about Facebook specifically. Mostly I miss being able to see photos. For example, my little sister is in Kansas for an alternative spring break trip right now. I would love to be able to see her photos when she comes back next week but alas, I'll have to wait until after Lent. The only time I missed Twitter was during the disaster in the Pacific: I wanted so badly to check in with my various news sources on Twitter to see what was going on as I went about my day. Instead I had to wait until I got home to flip on the news or browse news sites online. I don't miss Tumblr at all. This is actually the first time I've thought about it since before Lent started. 

In many ways my social life has actually increased since I stopped relying on social media. I'm actually doing more social activities, from seeing movies to just spending time with friends. 

Here's a brief review of how my top websites have changed in the past week:
  1. Bloger
  2. Ornithoblogical
  3. tumblr homepage
  4. Twitter homepage
  5. My blog
  6. Facebook homepage
  7. Dress, Design, Decor
  8. UB Law homepage
  9. The Blonde Salad
  10. Gmail homepage
  11. Groupon
  12. Hulu
I honestly have not accessed Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook during the past week. I just accessed them so much before Lent that they remain firmly entrenched in my top sites. Hopefully by the time Lent ends that will change!

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