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hurr durr derp face - Something is Afoot
Something strange is afoot here in Krabby Land.

It's finals time, which means time to complete outlines. Today's international business transactions day. Currently I'm wading through a swamp of exchange control systems, corporations in a transnational environment & the IMF. This isn't strange. I took the class, it covered these (and other topics). Thus I must wade through this swamp in order to excel on my final exam. Okay. Onwards to the strangeness.

I'm enjoying this. Weird, right? I totally want to know more about exchange control systems. I crave more information about hedging transactions, selling short and buying long. I crave it so much that I turned on CNBC.

Never ever ever in my life have I ever even thought to watch this channel. It always seemed so...dull. But it's not. Suddenly it's fascinating.

Forget FGM. Forget human trafficking. Forget human rights.

I love business. I love the economy. It fascinates me.

Who the [bleep] have I become?!

Also this picture just makes me giggle. So much.

Also also: please don't forget all those things above for real. They're super important. Despite the joking tone I really truly do mean that. Every human being deserves freedom, dignity & respect.

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