Grocery fail.

So I have this little recurring problem. And no it's not that I blog entirely too much. That's not a problem, at least in my opinion. My problem relates to grocery stores. All of them. From Whole Foods to Super Fresh to Eddie's of Mount Vernon, I have the same problem. Heck I even had it at the Walmart & HEB in Waco during college. I think it will be easiest to explain via example.

Today after an appointment, I decided to pop down to Super Fresh to get some lemon juice and milk. I'm out of both & in need of both. Part way there I changed my mind: it was just so darn pretty out that I decided to make the (much) longer trek to the Whole Foods. Plus I just love that place. Plus I really didn't want to study. Okay maybe it was the third option instead of my love of Whole Foods or the prettiness of the day. Don't judge me. Law school's stressful. Finals are even worse. Aaaaannnnddd they start in like TWO freakin' weeks. How'd that happen?! Okay focus Court.

So. I went to Whole Foods. I frolicked in a wonderland of organic and other non-conventional foods. I (more accurately my heart) skipped joyfully around the perimeter of the store as I sniffed through options that made my heart sing. Wanna know what I ended up with?
  • Brand 365 Veggie Chips
  • Back to Nature California Lemon Cookies
  • Mini white pitas (to be turned into pita chips!)
  • Dorset Cereal Marmalade Granola
  • Clif white chocolate macadamia crunch bars
  • Liberte Mediterranean yogurt
  • Dried pineapple chunks
  • Regular (IE not dried) pineapple chunks.
  • Mini baby bell cheese
  • Dried papaya spears
  • 1 bunch of ranunculus. They're funky lookin' flowers. Don't worry I'd never heard of them until today either.
I know! It's a totally awesome list. I needed the things on it; I haven't done my grocery shopping for the week yet. The granola bars, dried fruit & veggie chips are for my lunches, especially on Tuesday & Thursday. This is kind of embarassing but I've managed to lose a box of granola bars. They're gone. I know I didn't eat them all. I just can't find them. I'm one of those people that would lose their head if it wasn't firmly attached to their shoulders. For some reason my school stuff has always been SUPER neat though. My mom would ask teachers if they were sure they were talking about the right Courtney when they would sing praises of how organized I was during parent-teacher conferences. I can tell you where every piece of paper I've gotten in environmental law last semester is. Those granola bars though? No clue where they went. I'm out of breakfast-y things so the cereal and granola come in great there. I could keep going for why I bought everything on the list but I'll stop. You're probably bored.

Did you notice what two items were conspicuously NOT on that list? That's right: milk and lemon juice. Remember what I went to the store for? That's right: milk & lemon juice. This is nothing new. No no I've had this problem ever since I started doing my own grocery shopping in college. Earlier this semester I went through a three week period when I forgot eggs every single time I went to the grocery store. At about 2-3 visits per week, that's 6-9 chances to get eggs. And did I get them? Nope. Not once. Not even the times I went back to the store specifically for eggs.

So I guess it's back to the grocery store for me. I do want to eat breakfast tomorrow morning so I best get goin'. And this time I am going to Super Fresh; it takes 45 minutes ONE way to get to Whole Foods. [Insert whining about lack of car and difficulties and whah whah whah. Just kidding. I actually love not having a car.]

Oh my goodness I'm a mess today. But in a good way.

Oh and in case you didn't notice, that isn't me in the picture. I found it here. But I do look like that when grocery shopping. That is to say, I look slightly deranged in a happy-to-be-alive kind of way.

Also, have you seen those commercials for Animal Planet's River Monsters? Well in some of them the guy shouts "fish on! Fish on!" I parrot "fish on! Fish on!" after him whenever I see it. Every. Single. Time.  I don't even realize I'm doing it often. I just thought you should know.

Also also my fellow law students should check out Law & the Multiverse. It is made of amazing legal dorky awesomeness.  Okay now I'm done. For reals.

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