Orange & blue

Please excuse my awkwardness in the middle photo. Despite being awkward, I still like it. Shooting in the apartment building's fire escape stair well was an interesting experience. Right outside the door is actually a little grassy landing with an ivy covered wall that I would love to shoot in. Unfortunately, a car bumper was overlapping my landing. I chose to use the stairwell instead.

Taking these photos has been quite an experience. I'm gaining new insights into how clothes really look on my body. I'm also conquering a life-long issue: I hate having my picture taken. It's not even a weight thing, really. I've just never quite known what to do with myself when I'm in front of the camera. Behind the camera I'm good. As a result, I don't have many pictures of myself. The more I do these little photo shoots, the more comfortable I get. That's an added bonus I will gladly take. Who knows, maybe on this trip abroad (IE South Korea & Germany) I'll take oodles of pictures of yours truly.

Jeans: Gap; Shoes: Gap; Shirt: Banana Republic; Jacket: LOFT; Scarf: street vendor in NYC

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