The way of the dinosaurs.

Ever since I first discovered them, I've followed fashion blogs. From Italian shoe designers to Mormon moms, if it was fashion related I gave it a browse. The whole time I wondered: could I be one of those girls?

There was only one way to answer that question: grab a camera and a tripod and snap some pictures. So that's what I did for several days. And after closet to a week as trying out the fashion blogging thing, I'm here to say that those posts are going the way of the dinosaurs. By that I mean I won't be doing them anymore.

It has nothing to do with weight. It has nothing to do with appearance. Fashion blogging is just simply not my thing. So I'm going back to what I know, to what I'm most passionate about. This blog is about birds. It's about travel. It's about cooking. It's about photography. It's about law school. But most importantly, it's about this girl:
And you know what? Not everything this girl touches turns to gold. You know what else? That will never stop this girl from trying, no matter how silly she feels while trying.

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