5 things on Friday

1. My parents' backyard: I miss having nature around me when I'm in Krabby Land. This morning Mom & I spent easily an hour just sitting on the back porch, watching birds & squirrels & dogs at play while we drank coffee & chattered. I just miss the green & the tranquility.
Chris & Kenley in the backyard
2. This living room: This is my dream. The first time I went to Colorado I was in elementary school. I decided that trip that I would one day own a house in the mountains. It would be a log cabin with a very modern interior. One room would be all windows & I could sit there and look at the mountains. All these years later I still crave the exact same thing.
3. A zebra print chair: This is another one I've wanted since elementary school. Just one, classy, high quality zebra print chair in my living room. It can come live in my log cabin too. 
4. Rooftop gardens: I have the perfect space right outside my apartment for a cute little rooftop garden. The only downside? I'm not allowed to go out there. So for now I'll have to be content with staring out the window & dreaming of the little garden I could be growing.
5. English gardens: I actually used to hate English gardens. Now I absolutely adore them. They're so uninhibited, which is exactly what makes them so beautiful. We visited the lovely one below when we were in London. It's located a bit outside the city in a hidden portion of Golder's Hill park. I highly recommend a visit if you're ever in London. 

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