Jesus pizza

It's finals week here in Krabby Land. This round has been a bit more stressful than the last round. It's not quite as bad as my first year; nothing will compare to that.

It all started yesterday 20 minutes into my first exam. After not coughing for weeks, I suddenly started coughing. I had to leave the exam room 3 separate times to get my cough under control without disrupting everyone. I ran out of water part way through. Since we're not allowed to take anything out of the room until the exam is finished, I was unable to refill my water bottle. To top it off, after I got home I received an email that my exam had not submitted properly.

While my cough was under control today & the exam submitted fine, I still had a bit of difficulty. For the first time ever I didn't finish an exam. I've always finished early but for some reason this time I didn't quite get the whole thing done. Luckily the unfinished portion was minimal.

Since I'm leaving soon, I'm at that awkward stage of meals where I'm trying to finish off my leftovers. Meals are starting to get repetitive and boring. So I decided to order a pizza when I got home. I was just too tired to try & combine my remaining ingredients into something edible.

I wasn't sure if ordering a pizza was the right choice. Until I received it. When I got the pizza, the box said:
"Your pizza experience managed by Christ."
I giggled. A lot. Sometimes it all I need is a silly little statement on a box to remind me that God loves me and that everything will be okay even if I didn't finish my exam today. Or maybe Jesus just really likes Hawaiian pizza.

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  1. You didn't tell me you didn't finish your exam today!! AARG!! Oh well it is over now. And yes Jesus probably does like Hawaiian pizza!