No more school, no more books

I'm done. Done done done done. As of noon today I've been done with my second year of law school. If all goes as planned I just finished my last full year of law school; I'll only have a semester left!!

So what have I done with my new found freedom from law school (well until mid-June anyways)? While still riding that "hooray I'm done with law school" adrenaline rush I puttered around downtown Krabby Land, picking up a refill of my allergy medicine, getting money for laundry and checking out about 15 different places before finally making a decision about where I was going to eat lunch. I ended up getting exactly what I had originally planned on getting.

In addition to just generally skipping & frolicking around downtown, I always took the chance to finally shoot some photos that I've wanted to shoot for quite some time.

Once spring finally started the door outside of the stairwell I typically use in my apartment complex has been beautifully covered in vines. They completely covered two walls! The lush green of those walls has beckoned me every time I've left for a final. Sadly with the stress of finals, I didn't have time to shoot the vines. Naturally I had to shoot the aforementioned vines now that finals are over.

Once again it's the little things that make life wonderful, from vine covered walls to pizzas approved by Jesus.

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