The manifesto of a woman on Weight Watchers

My self worth does not depend on how many points I use in a day.

My self worth does not depend on how many Power Foods I eat per day or how many health checks I complete.

On judgment day, I won't be asked if I stuck to the plan.

Whether or not the program succeeds doesn't determine whether or not I succeed as a person. Similarly, failure during a weigh-in or on a point value for the week doesn't make me a failure as a person.

None of the above gives me license to eat without thought, nor does it give me license to be treat my body disrespectfully. I will still treat my body with respect. I will make healthy decisions. It simply means that this plan, this diet, will not control every aspect of my life.

It simply means that this weekend when I'm at a friend's cookout I won't kick myself for having a brownie or a margarita. I won't gorge myself on them. But come Sunday morning I won't dwell on how much of a failure I was on the off chance that I go over my points value. Because I won't be a failure. I will be a human being. Instead of counting points all evening I will focus on building new friendships and strengthening old ones.

Because at the end of the day, I am more than a points value, more than a little green power foods triangle, more than a graph showing weight changes. I am Courtney. And that doesn't change based on my daily point values.

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