Stunnigly Salzburg: Germany part 4

Technically we're done with Germany now. After 3 days in Munich, it was time to leave Germany and head into Austria. First up was Salzburg.
Salzburg is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. It had a very different feel than Munich did. Munich was a much larger city and far busier; Salzburg on the other hand was smaller and calmer. Salzburg is definitely the type of place you go to for a relaxing weekend.

While we were there we saw Mozart's birth place, played ring toss with a wooden unicorn in a 13th century fortress, visited an exhibit on the Sound of Music, toured a salt mine & took a toboggan run through the Alps. Salzburg owes its success not only to Mozart but also to the salt mines outside the city. The mine we toured had everything from a slide, to a train ride to a boat across a mirrored lake. We got to wear super cute little miner's suits since it was freezing down in the mine.

The toboggan run was too much fun! It's the longest in the world. We had to take a ski lift up to the start of the run where there was also a beautiful little restaurant overlooking the rest of the Alps. We met a group of 4 Marines stationed in Germany. After chatting for a while they bought us each a shot of schnapps made near where we were eating. The run was so much fun, twisting & winding down the mountain. There were short straight downhill potions, tight twists and turns and even a tunnel.

We also had the chance to visit Mirabel gardens where much of the Sound of Music was filmed. The gardens were simply stunning! I would love to be able to just amble through those sorts of gardens on a daily basis.

Sadly our time in Salzburg was far too short and we had to leave for Vienna. In my heart I know that one day I'll return to Salzburg.

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  1. Each of us has our own style on the ring toss game. OMGosh! Those are funny pictures!
    Love you! Mom