The calm before the storm

Today was a deceptive day. The news was filled with reports of the coming hurricane. I've been told 17 times over what to do in the event of a hurricane. Every time I get another warning it sends me into a bit of a panic. As part of my weight-loss goal, I've turned to cleaning a section of the apartment every time the stress gets to me instead of turning to food.

Despite the dire warnings, today was a stunningly beautiful day. Albeit a warm one, but beautiful none the less. I worked in the clinic, got some last minute groceries and talked outside with friends.  I was even able to make sun tea right outside my window.
Sun tea is one of my favorite parts of summer. Mom always has a jar either brewing on the driveway or ready to drink in the fridge. I love throwing fresh mint from her garden & a lemon wedge in the tea. Thankfully Mom was kind enough to get Kara and I our own jars to make sun tea at school. I took advantage of the sun today to brew my first batch.
As the weekend progresses I will keep everyone posted on how the feathered ones and I are doing. Thankfully it looks like the worst of Irene will be missing us. Nevertheless, we're all prepared for whatever may come even if it's just a little rain.

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