CD Hoffman v. the weather

People tend to have recurring themes in their lives. Mine is weather related.

There was an ice storm the day my parents moved into a new house when I was a baby. There were frequent ice storms in Houston throughout my childhood. My parents' house has not been hit by lightning once since I moved out; it used to get hit all the time. There was a freak snow/ice storm that shut down airports spring break of my junior year of college. When I finally made it to Atlanta there were two tornados, one that roared through downtown. Rome saw severe flooding and rain like they very rarely have while I was there. My first winter in Maryland brought the Snowpacolypse. Scotland saw some unseasonably warm weather last summer and Seoul saw the worst monsoon season in over 30 years this summer. There was an earthquake this week and a hurricane as we speak. Wherever I go, freakish weather follows. 

Every time I settle somewhere for longer than a 10 days, the atmosphere gets a little...funky.  I'm not quite sure what I did to Mother Nature. If anything I've always been a big fan of her. Heck I even thought of a career in environmental law. But still, she hurls bizarre weather at me at every turn. 

At this point, I'm considering a professional switch from law to meteorology. I'd always have  odd weather related news to report on after all. The alternative is to marry a meterologist. Instead of a dowry I bring a promise of constant employment.

Seriously though Mother Nature. What did I ever do to you?!

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