A brush with rebellion

I was bad this morning.

I almost went shopping. Almost.

You see there was this email. It was from my absolute favorite store on God's green earth. The title read 50% off sale styles.




Lawyer Hoffman made an appearance at that moment. She said "You can go shopping. These sales are so rare. Plus, you can start the 30 for 30 over again tomorrow. You might even find the jeans you desperately need. Most of your cardigans are in storage as well and it's officially fall. You might want something warmer to wear. It's a new season not just outside but in fashion as well. You don't want to fall out of style do you?"

She's a sneaky, tricky little thing that knows all of my weak spots. Sneaky sneaky.

But then I thought about it a little more.

How much sweeter will jeans shopping be in 30 days? Especially with all this new healthy eating. I am in between LOFT pant sizes right now so I feel that 30 days is enough time to get down to the lower number perfectly.

Then I started thinking about addiction. The only addiction I have is caffeine. But in order to beat an addiction you have to tough through those moments of severe weakness when the addiction takes hold of you. At least, that's what I've seen on shows like Intervention. Oh and those shows where they talk about food addiction. I took that line of reasoning and applied it to my 30 for 30: if I'm going to break the spell shopping has over me I have to stop shopping, no matter how great the sale.

The email was deleted and crisis was averted.

That was a close one.

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