Happy anniversary!

A big happy 28th wedding anniversary to these two crazy kids:
Those are my wonderful parents. Without them, and without the wonderful day pictured above, neither my sister nor myself would be here. If our parents had been anyone but these two we would be completely different people.

I've learned so much from these two throughout my life. They've stuck together through thick & thin. Even when they didn't particularly like each other they stuck it out and found their way back to romance. Even when they fought we always knew they loved each other. They fought because neither one wanted to lose the other. It wasn't all fighting though. I love calling home and hearing these two giggling like high schoolers, going on double dates and enjoying each other's company so much. Our home videos show two parents that do love each other dearly.

So Mom and Dad, I love you so much. I'm proud to call you my parents. I'm proud of your refusal to quit on each other and on us.

Congrats you two!

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  1. Thanks dear! You made my day! Love you too!