Help please!

Can I confess something really fast?

I hate lunch. Hate it. With a passion. It's an annoyingly timed pointless meal. Okay well not completely pointless; I need fuel to finish my day strong.

I never know what to eat for lunch. I'm not huge on sandwiches. I don't have time to cook.

This week I tried something new. Remember the blog where I found that cobbler recipe?? I found a plan to make ahead 5 days of lunches. So I thought my lunch problem was cured. I did a happy dance, bought the requisite ingredients and spent part of Sunday prepping for the week.

It worked like a charm.

For one day. By Tuesday (today) I was already over it. Done, fed up, ready to move on. You see I really hate lunch. The week of lunches was things like black bean & avocado salads, carrot & apple soup, and quinoa.

I've tried eating sandwiches every day. I've tried salads. I rarely have time to make a smoothie. I thought maybe something savory and richer would work instead, especially if all I had to do was heat it up.

I thought wrong. It was too much food. I felt bloated and tired all day. I followed the recipes exactly. The amount recommended was a proper serving.

So now what? What does a lunch-hater eat for lunch? Any suggestions? Any at all?

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