I'm a big kid now

Today was a monumental day.

I had my first big girl job interview this morning. I think it went well? I hope it went well. I definitely learned some things about the job interviewing process.

I mean sure I've interviewed for jobs before. But interviewing to be a sales associate at Banana Republic is a touch different from interviewing to be a Cook County prosecutor.

No matter how much material you read online or in a book or wherever, there's no comparison to the real thing. Now that I have my first interview under my belt the rest won't seem quite as bad. Plus it doesn't hurt that this one was only 15 minutes. Short, sweet and to the point.

Unfortunately since I'm an out of state applicant I don't get to go to the second round of interviews. If my packet and the interviewer's review are good enough I'll jump straight to the finals. Last year they interviewed 600 applicants. Only 25 offers were made.

Yeah that doesn't worry me at all. (If there was a sarcasm font I would have used it there.)

Regardless of what happens next, every interview is a step closer to a job, a step closer to increased confidence, a step closer to being a grown up.

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