Vroom vroom!!

I'm sunburnt. My feet ache. I'm so tired I could go to sleep at 8 tonight.

But it was so way worth it.

This weekend was the Baltimore Grand Prix. This was Baltimore's first year to host an IndyCar race and I must say they did a pretty super job. There were some kinks but that's to be expected the first time you host a car race through the streets of a city.

Even though the festivities began on Friday, my weekend began on Saturday. We spent around 8 hours down at the Harbor, eating, drinking and watching the races. We saw the IndyCar qualifier, the Le Mans race, and several other races. It was a blast! I'd never been to anything but a greyhound race before. I was shocked at how loud the cars were! Thankfully my friends had brought extra earplugs so I was able to keep my hearing.

Le Mans series race
It was also darn near impossible to get a picture of the cars. For starters there were 2 fences between me and the race track. I know, safety first. In addition to the fences, it's ridiculously difficult to take a picture of a vehicle moving in excess of 100 MPH. But by the end of the day on Sunday I had mastered the art of capturing race cars on film. I also shot a good number of videos this weekend so I'll share those soon.
IndyCar final race
The whole weekend was a blast. Since each race is quite long we spent a lot of time walking around the infield. There were all kinds of booths with games, food and drinks. We ended up getting beers outside the grounds though; they were twice the size for the same price! It's so hard to not imitate the race cars like a little kid.
Big beers at the harbor!!
Of course the weekend wasn't all car racing. My beloved Baylor bears beat TCU in their first football game of the season. Sic em bears!! Shortly before the Baylor victory I found out that one of my closest friends had just gotten engaged. I woke Mom up to share the news; I was just so excited for the newly engaged couple!! It got even better though: another of my closest friends was in town with her husband. We were able to grab lunch and catch up today before I went to watch the final race with other friends.

I can't even comprehend what a blessed weekend I've had. Thankfully it's not over: with Labor Day tomorrow I've got a day off from class and clinic to get things in order around the apartment.

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