The tragedy of the whale boots

Tragedy struck today in Krabby Land.

I was on my way to the magical land of Harbor East to pay a visit to the wonderland that is Whole Foods. Armed with a list and a plan, I was ready for my journey. I had my whale boots on and my umbrella in hand; it was raining quite hard as my journey began.

After a stop for a sandwich I pressed on towards that magical land. I splished and I splashed, making my way through every puddle that crossed my path. What are whale boots for after all?

Groceries in hand I began the journey back to my home, the land of Mount Vernon. The journey home began in the same way as the journey there. There were puddles to splash in and my groceries would not stop me from enjoying the magical land.

But just then I noticed that things were not quite right. What is this? My feet are wet? How can that be? Sure I splashed through many a puddle but my whale boots should have prevented this!

Upon closer inspection I saw the source of the problem: giant cracks in both of my whale boots! Right on the inside of each foot, just behind the big toes, was my downfall. I stood on a street corner there in that magical land, feeling deflated, defeated and downtrodden.

I pressed on and finished my journey but not without noting that I was not very good at holding an umbrella. Finally the bus dropped me back in Mount Vernon. I crossed the street, drenched and cold. Into the trash chute the boots would go and back out of the closet the Korean rain flats would come. The whale boots will be replaced and I will splash another day. I closed the trash chute as the whale boots tumbled down and headed back to my humble abode, laughing all the while.

After all, some tragedies are actually comedies.

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  1. Oh sad day for the poor Whale Boots! I shall begin the search for yet another pair of whale boots! Love you!