Macaroni, cheese & a realization

Something dawned on me earlier today. I was watching a movie I'd already seen on TV. I was craving macaroni & cheese. I found a healthier recipe, at least according to Weight Watchers. All I had to do is run to the store to pick up the last few ingredients. Yet I couldn't seem to walk away from the TV. Suddenly I turned the TV off with a simple thought: this movie will be on again.

I thought about it more on the way to the store. There will always be something worth watching on TV, always some excuse to stay on the sofa for a little longer. But there won't always be life to live. I know, it sounds so cheesy and cliche. The thing is, as cliche as it sounds it's 100% true.

So try a new recipe. Go to a new museum. Work out. Spend time with those you love. Time's ticking.

I know I haven't updated much about my life lately. Mostly it revolves around clinic. Due to confidentiality I can't really discuss what's going on at clinic. Suffice it to say I got my first ever tension headache this weekend due to the stress. I've learned a lot though and gotten incredible hands-on experience that I couldn't get any other way. Due to a uniquely bad set of circumstances it's been a stressful experience. But that's life. I'm striving to make something good of it by learning to be flexible and discovering new ways to handle stress. I've discovered that working out is essential for your mental health. I've rediscovered meditation's role in sleeping soundly. And I've learned how to clear up a tension headache. Here's a hint: you don't clear one up with Excedrin tension headache.

So that's it, that's my life right now. Well, that and the job hunt which is chuggin' along at a good pace. Now I have some macaroni & cheese to eat and some research on country conditions to do.

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