Monday love day #1

I've always loved when blogs do a 5 things list. I've even tried to do one of my own several times. The problem is I never seem to have the right amount of things to put on the list. Some days I have more than 5 things. Some days I can't even come up with 5 things. The lists feel artificial. Since I love the concept I decided to change from doing a 5 things list to doing a love list. It's the same concept: a list of things I'm into. This list is just lacking a set quantity of items. So here goes my first love list!

  • DIY-ing my favorite foods. I know this sounds a little strange. Isn't all food by its nature DIY? In today's age it really isn't. For example, when I want soup I go buy a can of Progresso or Campbell's (probably Campbell's though). Lately I've gotten very into making these things I normally buy processed from scratch. I make a lot of soup courtesy of my slow cooker. Usually this involves roughly chopping some veggies and throwing them in the slow cooker with a bunch of broth, leaving it for like 8 hours, running it through my blender and then reheating it throughout the week. What started with soup has expanded to macaroni & cheese. The mac & cheese went so well that tomorrow I plan on making another comfort food fave: salsa!! Honestly this is turning into a sickness. Plus Weight Watchers recipes are so good. They're easy to make and carry a lot less guilt. 
  • Old-fashioned hymns. I used to be all about contemporary Christian music, or CCM. One day I downloaded a new CCM album. One of the songs on the album was a cover of Come Thou Fount. It was love at first listen. I've expanded my hymns collection drastically in recent days. There's just something so powerful about these hymns that seems to be lacking in a lot of CCM. Don't get me wrong I still listen to both but right now the hymns are really movin' me. 
  • Pinterest. Another great social tool. You simply "pin" different images that inspire you. You can collect them into themed boards. It's essentially a digital version of a bulletin board. You can also follow other people and gather more inspiration for recipes, decorating, weddings, fashion, etc. I've actually made several recipes that I saw on Pinterest and they've turned out great! I've gotten fitness inspiration, great spiritual boosts and some fashion help all from Pinterest. Check out my boards & follow me  here!
    Come back next Monday for more things I love!!

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