The weather this winter's been a little...crazy. Late this morning I looked out my window and saw this:
Spooky, right? After grabbing my camera and snapping this shot I decided maybe it would be best to get some work done around the apartment. So I flopped back down on the sofa and went about editing and uploading my photo. By the time I was done, the sky looked a little more like this:
I kid you not. It went from stormy death clouds to cheery sun shine in the space of about five minutes. So strange. When I checked the temperature I saw it was in the upper 50's. In January? In Maryland? Unreal. Plans got changed again (I can always clean my apartment Saturday. Or Sunday.); there was no way I was going to sit inside with this kind of weather.

Unfortunately the photo failed to capture one thing: the wind. It was insane. I felt like I was just being blown from lamppost to lamppost. I sat by the monument for a few minutes before heading home. Given that I'd failed to factor the wind into my wardrobe decisions, I was a bit chillier than expected. So I went home, changed into a warmer jacket, and headed back out. I needed coffee creamer. What better way to get cream then to walk to the store? That's what days like today are for: taking forever to run errands because you're ambling from place to place slowly. I swear if you traced my route it would give any Family Circus cartoon strip a run for its money.

More than anything I'm just thankful to have the time to amble slowly around on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Last semester going to the grocery store at all seemed like such a luxury between the demands of clinic and my regular courses. This semester I'm back to just classes. Of course some of the time formerly consumed by clinic is now consumed by job searching, job applying and job interviewing. Fingers crossed I can accept my diploma in May knowing I have a job lined up!

This winter really has been a strange one. It hasn't even really been a winter. In fact when spending my Nordstrom's gift card earlier today (thanks Aunt Heidi & Uncle Joey!) I opted for rain boots instead of winter boots. With the weather acting the way it has been, I've got a more pressing need for rain boots than for winter ones. Instead I'll hit up Nordstrom's rack once winter is over and get winter boots then. The weather's just been a weird bipolar mess of mood swings. One day it'll be 60, the next it'll be 20. Mostly it stays in the 50's and 40's. If I wanted that sort of winter I would have stayed in the South. I moved north to experience winter (or as close to it as I can stand) so darn it all I want winter.

And according to the forecast I highly doubt I'll get much cleaning done tomorrow either. 59 and sunny? On a Saturday? Well that just means it's time to go play outside.

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