I tried to make a new Pinterest recipe today. When I read the recipe I thought, Well I have all of those things! It turns out I do not have all of the things. I was missing one of the things. That thing was red pepper flakes. And I dare call myself a cook. Notice I said cook, not chef. If I ever had to cook against an actual chef I would probably just stand there and blink like a deer in headlights. Trust me--it's a really good defense mechanism. Just stand there, look confused and blink a lot. I don't know how it works but somehow it does. Every single time.

I digress. Today's photo challenge simply said "favorite." Favorite what? Sock? Meal? Time of day? Give me some guidance here people!! 2 cups of coffee later I was actually pleased that today's assignment was only "favorite." That meant it could be my favorite anything really. I could shoot my favorite socks if I wanted! Don't worry I didn't.

Instead, as you can see in the picture, I shot my running shoes along with my phone in its armband that I got for a dollar on Amazon. It turns out getting an armband for $1 on Amazon is not as baller as it may sound. The second time I wore it it began to fall apart. Sometimes you actually do only get what you pay for. But I digress again.

Why pick running shoes & an iPhone? Simple. There are just so many favorites in this photo. Running is my favorite in so many ways. It's my favorite form of exercise, my favorite escape, my favorite stress reliever, my favorite mood booster, my second favorite sport, my favorite challenge. I love my phone and am so blessed to have it but the app in the picture is my favorite fitness app & second favorite app overall (Spotify is my first favorite). If you do any running, indoors or out, I highly recommend the Nike+ GPS app. You have so many options when you run with this little guy: you can set goals such as time or distance, you can race your friends, try and break a record or just free run. You can also set the app to automatically provide you feedback during your run at a set time or distance. It keeps track of your running history; I love hearing at the end of my run that I've set a new best mile time. I seriously recommend it!

What would you pick if you had to take a photo of a favorite?

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