Day two

Sometimes life throws a curveball or two at you. Sometimes what looks like a boring, normal semester turns out to be anything but. Suddenly things begin moving in warp speed. You find yourself changing rapidly in response to your shifting circumstances. Sometimes that change though hard at the time produces beautiful results.

A few weeks ago I attempted to begin a 365 day photo challenge. Life threw a few curveballs and the photos were forgotten. Yesterday the world was slowly starting to right itself again. It's still moving at warp speed but I've adjusted and found a way to thrive in spite of it. Feeling more stable I grabbed my camera for the first day. I decided against starting on day 1 on the blog; I want to move forward instead of looking backwards.

So on day 2 I grabbed my camera again. The challenge I am doing is a bit more...structure than many. Instead of taking a picture of just something from my day I'm following a 30 day challenge that lays out 30 days of photos to take. Since this is a year long challenge I'll repeat the cycle 12 times and see how things change through the course of a year. (If you're interested in seeing all of the photos in one place click here.)

Something within me tells me things will change dramatically. I finish school forever in May which means a bar exam and a real big girl job. I can't wait to be working. I can't wait to build a career. I can't wait.

Forward motion for me it is. I'm ready for whatever lies ahead.

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