Oh feathered ones I adore you so much.

Sure you have a tendency to chirp loudly when I have a headache and a complete inability to keep your seed casings in your cage. But I still love you.

Your antics always bring a smile to my face. I love that you will drink from your bird bath and attempt to bathe in your water cup. I love that you run back and forth on your perch with a toy in your mouth. I love that you greet me when I walk in the door after having been gone for hours. I love that you always want to tell me about your day. I love that as soon as I pick up your blanket you put yourselves to sleep on your swings. I love that you adore each other and won't go more than a half an inch away from each other when outside of your cage. I love that when you nap you tuck your beaks under your wings. I love that you sing each other to sleep in the afternoon.

I adore the both of you so much. You bring so much color and joy to my apartment. I miss you when I'm away from you; wherever I am is far too quite.

Four years ago I walked into a pet store upset that I couldn't afford a dog. I walked out with you. I have to say, as impulse purchases go, you were the best impulse purchase I ever made.

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