The epiphany

Sunday has to be my favorite day of the week. It's a fresh start in so many ways.

Sunday always just seems so special. It's a day for church, family, good food and a nice outfit. It's a day for yoga, relaxation and meditation. It's a day to recenter before the week begins. Even if I can't take the whole day to rest and relax I make sure to set aside some extra time just for me. Whether it's a bubble bath or just some extra TV time, any me time is much needed. I don't know how I'd get through the week without that time.

Now that I'm back in Krabby Land I'm attending mass at the basilica again. I love the beauty of the church; it fills me with awe every week. This week was extra special: the Christmas decorations were still up. Yes there is a reason and no it's not that we're rednecks here in Krabby Land. Today is the Epiphany which is the day we celebrate the arrival of the three kings at the manger. It's also the official end of the Catholic Christmas season. I love that Christmas is more than just one day. Our deacon also did the traditional singing of the church calendar after the gospel reading today. I had never heard this done before so I was bit confused. Thankfully the priest explained what had just happened. I have to say, I like this tradition too.

Being back in Krabby Land also means I'm back to grocery shopping at local stores. I swung by Eddie's today. Eddie's is a local family-owned grocery store near my apartment. Indulge me while I brag for a second here: I got a week worth of groceries for $25 without using a single coupon. Amazing! Picking out the groceries was super fun and a lot like a challenge. And goodness knows I love a challenge. It's not even about money really. It's more about the challenge of being resourceful and creative. I think I understand how those extreme couponers feel now!

I must admit, I'm excited for the week to come.

*Update: I am doing a 365 photo project! I began yesterday. The photos will be posted on my Flickr account which can be found here. Make sure to check in daily for photo updates!

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