Wintry mix

Today I woke up to a pleasant surprise: snow!!

Even though this is my third winter here in Maryland I still get super excited every time it snows.

The forecast predicted snow last night but it also predicted the snow becoming rain. I figured by the time I woke up, all the snow would be gone. So as soon as I woke up I ran to the window to open the blinds. I couldn't have been more thrilled to see that the snow was still there!

Now about the photo. Today's challenge simply said "letterbox." My first thought: wait, so am I supposed to photograph my mail box? That's not that exciting. Thankfully Wikipedia was no longer blacked out so I was able to do a little research about what letterboxing is. Well, letterbox as it refers to photography. It turns out that letterbox is also some sort of geocaching. Using my legal education skills I figured out that the geocaching/hiking option was not the correct one. I know, my reasoning skills are impressive. The fun thing about this challenge is having a day to just shoot whatever you want, as long as you letterbox it. So when I saw the snow I thought it would make the perfect subject for today.

Anyways, my coffee and oatmeal beckon and I must answer their siren call.

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