bright blue sock

I've fallen off the wagon with my photo challenge. Life has just gotten so darn busy these days.

The job search continues. Hopefully sometime between now and graduation I'll be able to do a big reveal and share with everyone my new job. But for now I'm still searching, still interviewing, still applying.

Remember how I started running over Thanksgiving? I stopped for a little while due to a silly little bone spur on my right heel. I've been running, just not as often. Monday night I volunteered myself to run a half marathon in September with a friend. After commenting that  I was totally game for the race, it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, I should run more than twice a week. So after tax law on Tuesday I hit the pavement. I ran down to the Harbor and back as I normally do but this time I went a different route. When I was almost back to the apartment some or other athlete came over my headphones with a cheery "You're almost at your distance record! Tap for a power song and smash it!" I've heard that line before I thought. And I had heard that one before. Last time I went running in fact. And last time I went running I didn't smash it. I rolled my eyes and disregarded the chirpy voice. That's the advantage of running in the city: once you begin your return home you're committed. You have to finish now, even if you don't run, because you have to get home. Quite frankly hopping on the bus 4-5 blocks from home would just be embarrassing. When I got home I stopped the app and this time Lance Armstrong came over the headphones to share something exciting with me. I know I've done well when I hear "Hi this is Lance Armstrong!" He only shows up when I accomplish something. So shallow and superficial of him. This time he said something I'd never heard before: "Congrats you just set a new best 5K time." 5k?!

But not just a 5k. I had gone 3.5 miles. I'm not really sure how. But I did. And amazingly I did it in the exact same time that I did the Thanksgiving Day 5k in.

My celebration was tempered when I looked down to see the big toe on my left foot poking through the top of my tennis shoe. Oh hey bright blue sock. You were supposed to stay hidden in my shoes! Silly sock.

I know that I blog about running a lot. But who wants to read about how I killed time on Pinterest when my professor went on a 25 minute digression during federal income tax or how I contemplated what to eat for dinner when people began coming up with absurd and random hypos during trusts & estates? Who wants to read about ILS board meetings and Bible studies?

No one. Absolutely no one wants to read about that. Well, maybe some people want to read about Bible study. But mostly no one wants to read about those things. It was much more interesting to talk about pondering the meaning of life and what I ate for dinner when I was doing so in South Korea. Or Germany. Or Costa Rica. Or Scotland. Or Rome.

So for now, running it is. I'll come up with something else soon--with a girl's night on Friday and the puppy bowl on Sunday (yes puppy bowl. No, not Super. PUPPY.) I'm sure I'll have photos and stories to share.

You'll have to just make do with running until then.

Sorry about that.

Side note: I feel like I've stumbled upon a magic formula for blogging. Write rambling posts (see above). Punctuate it with artistic pictures of yourself in whatever you wore today. Boom. Blog magic. You can also substitute artistic instagr.am photos of random everyday objects for the fashion photos. Or perhaps things you found on Pinterest. This seems to work just as well. No criticism here--so many of the blogs I follow do this and I still read them. And love them.

Maybe I should jump on that?? Goodness knows I've already got the ramblin' down.

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