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It's snowing today. Big gobs of snow. And big gobs of snow are perfect for lazy Saturdays and movies on TV. Right now the Exorcism of Emily Rose is on Lifetime Movie Network. Which I unabashedly love. The movie, not the network.

Last night I finally, finally got a chance to go out with friends. The first few weeks of every semester are such a mess that it's near impossible to see anyone outside of the classroom. Last night things slowed down enough to get together for dinner & drinks.

When you thin of awesome culinary cities you think of cities like New York, not Baltimore. Thankfully Charm City does have quite a few fun and interesting choices. The cuisine isn't innovative and the selection typically not exactly gourmet. But it is unique and creative. From Paper Moon Cafe with its trippy decor to Nacho Mama's where margaritas are served out of an actual hubcap.
Outside of Paper Moon
Last night 8 of us went to Nacho Mama's. It was an interesting little restaurant. There were barbies in a bird cage, a statue of Elvis without arms, velvet Elvis paintings over all the walls and of course those hubcaps I mentioned earlier. There was even someone dressed in a Natty Boh mascot costume walking around! I had a massive quesadilla that was sinfully delicious. I can easily get three more meals out of my leftovers. The margaritas aren't the only things served in hubcaps at Nacho Mama's: the chips and salsa came in one too!
Hubcap at Nacho Mama's
I absolutely love trying new restaurants, especially when there's something a bit different about them. And if trying new and different restaurants is the best, trying them with 7 dear friends is even better.

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  1. Hope you were able to go running after your hubcap... :-)