Ira Glass

I wish someone would have told me this years ago.

I wish.

Because I've started so many times. I've started writing. Photographing. Running. Blogging.

And it never worked at first. I'd wait a few months, plug away patiently.

Nothing. I quit. I walked away and said maybe it wasn't me to be.

But Glass is right. There is a gap. And it takes time. Lots of it. I'm still in this phase. I'm not sure who I am as a writer or a runner quite yet. I know the quote is about the arts but it's equally applicable to anything you do in life.

I haven't found my voice. I haven't found my pace.

But I will.

It will take time. More than I thought it would. More than I think it should.

But this time instead of quitting, I'll keep pushing. Because that's when it's most important o push. It's too easy to quit.

And no one ever succeeded by quitting.

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  1. Yup!! No one ever succeeded by quitting! (Piano,flute, softball....) But the good thing is that you keep trying! Love you! And, keep on running and writing!!