the job

I'm so happy I could cry right now.

Almost exactly two weeks ago I went in for a job interview. I loved the company and the position. I loved the potential for growth. I loved everything about it.

Two weeks went by and I hadn't heard anything. So I sent a little email asking for an update.

The response? Please call.

Oh my goodness.
I think I got the job.
But what if I didn't?
What if he found someone else?
But then why wouldn't he just tell me that via email?

So I paced. I nibbled on my lunch. I paced. I angsted like a vampire in Twilight.

Then my phone rang.

I have a job in May.

Praise Jesus.

A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I'll be staying here in Maryland, working for a title insurance company.

I have a job. And not an I'll-suffer-through-it-for-two-years job. Like a real job that I'm looking forward to doing.

Praise Jesus. I have a job.

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  1. Hooray!! He will always come through for you! Praise Him first last and always! Love you dear!!