dearest mcnulty

Dearest McNulty:

You were a wonderful zipcar. I loved renting you so much; that's why today was our fourth trip together.

You drove wonderfully.
You were precious--though many would disagree.
You made me feel quite lively.

But then.

Then you got a flat tire.

On Interstate 95.

At 75 MPH. On my way to a job interview with 20 minutes left to get there.

Oh McNulty. Silly silly McNulty.

Thankfully you were a ZipCar and the ever helpful Kirsten got help sent our way (and got me a driving credit). Thankfully the potential employer was incredibly understanding and rescheduled me for tomorrow, more concerned for my safety than the lost interview.

Naturally only state-approved vehicles could assist us. Naturally they could only help after dealing with an actual accident. Naturally we sat in the median for an hour. Waiting. Watching the other cars.

But then the State Farm sponsored state emergency assistance vehicle showed up and your tire was changed. We were back on the road again. Slowly back on the road, but back on the road none the less.

Your little spare tire got us home, through scenic backroads at slow speeds. Two hours after you got your flat we parted ways; you waiting for the Zipcar folks to take care of you and me heading back to my apartment, exhausted.

If nothing else, McNulty, you kept my day interesting. You reminded me that even the ordinary can still be an adventure.

That being said I do hope your friend Perfume doesn't get a flat tomorrow.

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