weekly photo fun RETURNS.


I forgot how much I love taking pictures.

My poor poor DSLR has been collecting dust aimlessly in my linen/craft closet. Don't judge--it's a small apartment so I have to get creative with my storage space.

Then a week ago I noticed the most beautiful blooms on some trees by the Monument. I thought, I have to take pictures of those.

So naturally I didn't.

Until today.
Then there was the graffiti (I think it's graffiti?) in an alleyway near my apartment that I spotted the other day.

You see earlier today I was feeling sorry for myself. I was having a pity party, curled up on the sofa thinking about how sorry my life was.

Then I realized I need to get up and do something with my day.

So I grabbed my camera & headed out the door. Surely some sun & beautiful weather would perk me right up.
It sooo did.

If someone could remind me why I stopped taking pictures, that'd be great. I was such a silly little fish for stopping.

So prepare yourselves. You will be inundated with photos once again.

PS: wanna see more?? Check 'em out here!

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