i wish i'd listened when...part 1

In just over a month I'll be walking across the stage to collect my last diploma. It only seems fitting to do a list of things I wish I'd known then.

I wish I'd listened when someone told me:

10. to stop being so shy. A lot of people think I started at Walker in 8th grade. I actually started in 7th.

9. to be honest about what I want and who I am.

8. to be careful with my money. I got myself into some sticky financial situations, especially back in college. I wish that I had used that credit card for true emergencies and not just for those designer jeans.

7. that being a party girl isn't worth it. Hello double digits pant sizes & goodbye relationships, grades and a better future! My life seriously turned into one of those Rise Above commercials. Trust me kids--it's not worth it. But for the grace of God I got my act together and began rebuilding my life. More importantly, but for the grace of God I never ended up doing any hard drugs or developing an alcohol problem. Of course I'm still struggling with some bad habits formed during those days but I know now that I was made for something better, something more than just partying. I do still like to go out with friends but now I'm much more about moderation & keeping my focus on what's really important: my relationships and my future.

6. to set some clear goals for my future. Instead I meandered through college aimlessly, changing majors 7 times.

5. that you don't walk out of school into your dream job, except in extremely rare cases.

Stay tuned for part two of the list!

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