[after sandy]

I have some good news: the feathered ones and I are totally fine. Heck, we didn't even lose power! Sure the lights flickered a few times but they never went out. 

To be honest, Sandy wasn't that bad here in Charm City. But then again my apartment faces a wall so I tend to be well insulated from any weather going on outside my windows. I could hear the wind whistling through the fire place and I developed the bad habit of pressing my face up to one of the windows to see what was happening out on the streets. I realized around 6 PM yesterday that I was just asking to have something come through my window while I was doing that. Not that it stopped me. 

I spent most of Sandy curled up on the couch watching scary movies. With a hurricane outside and Halloween just around the corner it seemed like the perfect setting for a good scare. 

Thankfully I was off work today as well so I got an extra day with the feathered ones. Today we had a visitor though! Since the power was out at her house, Rachel came to play with me while Paul was at work. We ordered Indian food, made hot toddies, and watched two of my all-time favorite movies: Se7en & Pan's Labyrinth. Seriously if you haven't seen either I highly recommend both. 

Tomorrow it's back to work and "real" life.  But for now I'm going to enjoy a few more hours at home in a pair of fluffy pajama pants.

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