1.  It's finally cold enough outside to rock big cowl neck sweaters! 
  2. I've been embracing my curls lately. Normally when the weather gets cold I straighten my hair since my curls won't air dry properly. Instead, I've been looking for ways to keep my natural curls beautifully curled no matter how dry the weather gets.
  3.  I'm restarting Cinch! tomorrow. I'm actually really looking forward to it. I've been such a slacker lately about eating right and working out. A dear friend and I created a workout schedule yesterday, complete with rewards (affectionately titled Courtney & Rachel's Workout Adventure). That inspired me to get my eating habits back on track. Cinch! really helps with getting me started eating fresh produce; when not on a specific plan I tend to slack off a bit. 
  4.  This amazing quote has proven true in so many different settings. 
  5. Currently rocking this awesome eyeshadow! I've been playing around with different eyeshadows everyday this week (well, except Monday & Tuesday when I didn't wear makeup. Or real clothes). 

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