[a monumental occasion]

Thursday evening I decided to go for a run. I've been following a workout routine with a dear friend and Thursday was cardio, legs, & abs. Determined to stay on track, I headed out the door.

Running down Charles Street I felt slightly like a salmon swimming upstream. Hoards of people were headed the other direction and I found myself fighting through them. At first I couldn't figure out where they were all going. That's when I remembered.

The Monument lighting.

Every year, the Washington Monument (no not the one in DC--we have our own) is lit up like a tree for the holidays. And every year, there are fireworks and choirs to celebrate the lighting. Businesses along Charles, where the Monument is, offer discounts and hot chocolate.

While I was finishing my run, I passed by one of the signs laying out the schedule of events. The fireworks were scheduled to start at 7:45. Since I recently left my position at the law firm, I didn't have to worry about waking up for work in the morning. It was currently 6:35. I had just over an hour. So I literally ran home, grabbed my camera & tripod, and bundled myself up. I staked out the perfect spot, and took a few test shots.

A Monumental Event

While waiting, a gentleman approached me and asked me about my camera. We chatted for a few minutes about photography and I explained that I had no professional training and that the camera had been a gift from Mom. I had decided that if I was going to have a camera this nice I would learn how to use it.

Then something I never thought would ever ever happen, happened. He asked if I was interested in working for the photography company he worked for. They're looking to expand and he thought I might be interested. He gave me a business card and told me to get in touch with them.

A Monumental Event

I was completely taken aback. You see, I don't tend to think of myself as a photographer. I'm not terrible, but I'm just a girl with a camera. It was something I picked up in law school as a way to distract myself for a few minutes from the stress & pressure of school. It was a way to indulge my creative side.  I did once try and sell some photos on Etsy but that wasn't really for me; turns out running my own business is just not my thing. I'd rather let someone else handle the business side of things so I can enjoy whatever it is that I'm doing, be it taking photos or practicing law.

A Monumental Event

Y'all I just don't know. The business card is sitting on my coffee table and I keep moving it around, trying to decide if I should contact the business owner or not. Anyways.

The lighting itself was a blast. There were fireworks galore, which I always love. I also met an elderly gentleman who kept providing me with tips and tricks for capturing the perfect shot of the event. By the time the event ended I was a frozen little popsicle. I also hadn't eaten dinner yet so I was beyond ready to scuttle home for some warmth and baked salmon.

As last minute as the decision was, I'm glad I made it. Sometimes, the most spontaneous decisions are the best ones.

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