[sixth friday + an announcement]

Let's start off with a little announcement before we get into my Friday loves. As you've probably already heard, Google Reader will be going away on July 1. Never fear though--you can still follow FT&BT even without Google Reader :)! Hop on over to Bloglovin' before July 1 and make sure that you don't miss a post. There's also a little pink button on the sidebar that will link you to my Bloglovin page.


This week I want to:

travel to...

...Savannah, Georgia. Can you believe that in all the years we've lived in Georgia I've never been to Savannah?? It's shameful and I think it needs to be remedied soon!


...cream cheese biscuits. Maybe it's the move back to Atlanta, but I have an overwhelming desire to whip up these yummy looking 4-ingredient biscuits.


...any one of these 20 hairstyles. I may need to grow my hair out so I can try some of these super cute and fun styles.


...the one person I should try to be better than.

Okay now it's your turn! What's on your mind??

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