[on a good day to be a bear]

To say I'm proud of Baylor would be an understatement.

Even if we'd lost miserably, I would love my school and be proud to say I graduated from Baylor. This just makes it that much sweeter.

When I was at school in Waco, we rarely won a football game. Baylor routinely got trounced by other schools, especially the ones in the Big 12. But now? Now we're Big 12 champions. And we're going to the Fiesta Bowl.

Baylor holds a special place in my heart. If I had to repeat college, I would go to Baylor again in a heart beat. There's magic on that campus, an undefinable magic that fills every second of your time there.

Yes I experienced some of my lowest moments while at Baylor. There's no where else I'd rather have been though. Not only did my friends wrap around me, the school did. Every day I stepped on campus there was a spot of brightness.

There are things I'll always remember:

The bonfire.
Dr. Pepper Hour.
The Bear Trail.
Diadeloso (& Noche Del Cerveza).
The Baylor Line.
The Noze Brothers.
Collins Hall.
Common Grounds.
Throwing tortillas off the bridge (yes that's a thing).

I could go on forever about Baylor so let me wrap it up by saying this: I'm proud of you, Baylor. You deserve this.

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