[small thoughts]

Here's a smattering of things rattling around my brain today:

1. The land of the cubicles has a lot in common with kindergarten. Like in a classroom full of 4-5 year olds, germs spread really fast between cubicles. One person can take the whole group down with a sneeze. There's no avoiding it.

2. I need structure. This past week I've been a little...off. The Bar is over, the joy of not having to study is gone. With nothing to do after work except workout, I've been floundering. But when I was studying, I thrived. I was focused. I was determined. I achieved goals like a fiend. But now? Heck, even my work performance is starting to drop off. I feel like I'm just floundering around over here. So I've decided to learn something new to add some structure to my days. Maybe I'll learn a new language. Maybe I'll learn graphic design. Maybe I'll become a yoga instructor. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

3. Diets are a good thing. I know, I know. You should focus on eating healthy and getting your proportions right. I know all that. But look back to #2. I crave structure in my life. Give me wiggle room and I'll wiggle right out of anything. I looked back over the times I was the most successful at losing weight and changing eating habits and I noticed that I had 2 great successes. The first was in Italy. But I don't want to lose weight by only eating 2 meals a day and walking for hours every day (back off--I was super poor). That's not healthy. The second was the summer after I graduated law school. What did I do then? I followed a defined meal plan. And it worked. Right up until my life unraveled like a giant yarn ball and I poured all my energy into feeling sorry for myself.  Now I'm not talking about the Special K diet where two meals a day consist of Special K products with a snack of a single piece of fruit and a "healthy" dinner. That's not a good thing. I'm talking about a well-balanced meal plan that includes a bit of everything. I just need more structure than Weight Watchers or similar programs give me.

4. My next move will more than likely be to DC. Before I was torn by twin desires: live somewhere new and be close to my friends. DC is the perfect blend. I've never lived there before so it'll be an adventure to experience the city as a resident and not as a visitor. Cities are completely different for residents than they are for visitors. You see different sides of them and experience different things. So I even though I've been there plenty of times, living there will be new and different. At the same time, I'm close enough to Baltimore that I can make it to all the various gatherings. Also I just always liked that place and could easily see the two of us getting along well.

5. Here's a pretty picture I took. It's from the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, which is one of my favorite places on earth. You should go there.

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