Mi mancha l'Italia

When I was in undergrad I took 4 semesters of Italian. After I was done with that, I spent a semester in Rome studying Italian history. While I was in Italy, I loved walking around exploring the city and practicing my Italian.
Spanish Steps
Unfortunately since I returned to the United States, I haven't had that many opportunities to use my Italian. Consequently, my skills have faded. I was lucky enough to stumble across a blog that's helped reverse that trend!

It's a fashion blog that includes the same statements in both English & Italian. The first time I looked at it,  I had to check the translation every other word. I felt quite silly to be honest. But now, I only have to look up a few words. Mostly they're words like suede that I never learned in class and that I didn't really have the opportunity to learn while in Italy. Let's face it, ordering gelato or pizza or asking for directions does not require words such as "suede."

I am loving regaining my Italian and expanding my vocabulary in such a fun way. Of course it is making me miss Italy a little bit. I am thankful for even such a tiny connection to Italy here in Krabby Land!

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