Mother's Day

Since we were all in different states on mother's day, we decided to wait until Thursday to celebrate since we would all be in the same city. Mom and I drove up to DC from the Land of the Peaches and Dad flew down from Jersey. While the main objective of our trip was to move my sister out of her dorm, we took time on Thursday to celebrate Mom.
Since Kara and Chris (Kara's boyfriend) had to work until noon, Mom, Dad and I ran to Alexandria to pick up some boxes from the UPS store. The store just happened to be next to the cutest little coffee shop: St. Elmo's Coffee Pub. We stopped in to kill a little time & indulged in some wonderful muffins and coffee. From there it was on to a special lunch Kara had chosen at the Grill Fish. They brought Mom a dessert with a sparkler in it.
Next up was a bus tour of DC. Even though we've all been many times, we decided to hop on the top of one of the double decker buses to learn a bit more about our nation's capital. I learned a lot about the city on the bus tour. Plus the weather was absolutely perfect for a tour. We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
While we spent most of Friday moving Kara and Chris' stuff into storage in Baltimore (AKA my apartment), we had the chance to relax Friday evening at a Nationals game. The Nationals were playing the Marlins. Despite their poor track record, the Nationals played really well. The game was so much fun! We had hot dogs, peanuts & nachos while we watched the game. We stayed through the 10th inning & enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
Sadly Saturday it was time to load up the car & head home. The feathered ones came with us since Mom  & Dad will be taking care of them while I'm in Korea. We made a few pit stops on the way home, beginning with the Sock Store. Everyone got socks! I had no idea that there were that many types of socks. This store had everything from socks specifically for hunting to socks made from bizarre eco-friendly materials. Crazy. After the Sock Store, it was time for a bit stop at The Peach Basket. Even though peaches aren't in season, they did have some wonderful peach products and super delicious strawberries.

Overall, the trip was wonderful. I'm so thankful to have gotten to spend a little time with my wonderful family in DC & I can't wait for our next adventure: GERMANY!

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